Dat's Off Planet .. man

This months guest on da planet with a pyramid is
Pete McKee ...
2006 starts with a top new Dats Off Planet from Pete McKee ...
An artist who 'paints the odd picture' Pete is fast becoming a favorite
both here in the Uk and world wide with exhibitions selling out as fast as
he can paint them.

Most of his pictures feature his home town of Sheffield, of which he is
fiercely proud and coastal resorts he visited as a child.  Also prominant
in his work is his life long passion with music and bands so its not unusual
to find  Velvet Underground, Talking Heads, The Who or Sex Pistols album
covers in his work along with the odd record shop.If ya want more check out www.petemckee.com
Pete MaKee's work Pete Makee's 'North Marine Drive'

There's more great guests on way in 2006, so stay well tuned!

If you missed any of the previous guests:
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As Pete's spaceship hurtles towards a desert island planet he only has time to zip up ten fave tunes, a book, film, munchies & a luxury item ...

Stardate: 1959 46PM

Location > Seriously Out There

System Status > Shits hit the fan

Life Status > Panicking but holding well

AA Number > 9784427

Points on Licence > 2

Tunes >
(in no particular order)

1 Velvet Underground & Nico
2 Pixies - DoLittle
3 Orange Juice - Can't Hide Your Love Away Forever
4 Chet Baker - Lets Get Lost
5 Go Betweens - Black Diamond & The Liberty Bell Express
6 Tom Waites - Any Asylum LP
7 Best of Bacherach & David [original versions]
8 Ink Spots - If I Didn't Care
9 Eric Satie - Gynopadies

10 Ben Whatt - North Marine Drive

Book: Confederacy of Dunces - John Kennedy Tool
Film: Billy Liar
Munchies: Cashew Nuts
Luxury Item:
A Piano

Huge thanks to Pete for takin the time joining us

Copyright Ann D - 1998 >>>>>